Honolulu extends Veolia’s contract on water reuse plant

Honolulu Board of Water Supply (HBWS) has extended its contract with Veolia to operate Honoluiuli Water Reclamation Facility until 2038.

The plant is the largest of its type in Hawaii, treating secondary effluent that was previously discharged into the Pacific Ocean. It produces 12 million gallons (45,400 m3/d) of water for beneficial reuse, comprising high purity, reverse osmosis water for power plants and petrol refineries, and recycled water for irrigating golf courses and communal areas including in the city of Kapolei. The plant therefore helps to preserve Honolulu’s limited potable water resources.

“The environment, our ratepayers, and local business and industry have benefited from our long-term relationship with Veolia. This extension allows us to continue to protect valuable water resources and to remain an environmental leader, demonstrating how creative thinking and resource management can be a win for everybody,” said HBWS program administrator Barry Usagawa.

Veolia was hired to build the facility in 1998. In 2003, ownership transferred to HBWS under a 20-year operating agreement with Veolia. Projected cost savings over the initial contract term through to 2023 are estimated at $85 million.