High-purity water for power and microelectronics

An eco-friendly high-purity water treatment system for the power, microelectronics and general industry markets was introduced on 11 May 2009 by Siemens Water Technologies.

The modular skidded Vantage VNX system is a green alternative to chemically regenerated mixed-bed deionization (MBDI) systems and is designed to produce 50 gpm (11.4 m³/hr) to 900 gpm (204.4 m³/hr) of deionized water from reverse osmosis feed.

Vantage VNX systems incorporate Ionpure continuous electrodeionization (CEDI) technology that uses high-flow VNX modules. CEDI is a simple and chemical-free process for deionizing water using a combination of selective ion-exchange membranes, conductive resins and electricity to remove ions from water. Because the VNX modules are stackable, the compact skid saves valuable floor space.

In addition, unlike MBDI systems, there is no need for expensive acid and caustic regeneration chemicals or the inconvenience of exchangeable DI tanks. Also, compared with traditional ion-exchange units, Vantage VNX systems offer continuous operation and product water quality that is comparable to traditional mixed-bed deionizers.

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