California DWR publishes mobile desalination guide

The California Department of Water Resources published on 7 May 2009 a 9-page document on its website titled Logistics for Deploying Mobile Desalination Units.

Prepared by Fethi BenJemaa of the Water Use & Efficiency Branch, Water Recycling & Desalination, the document describes mobile units as “a very flexible way of supplying potable water to communities by hooking-up to existing municipal water storage and delivery systems. They can also be quickly and easily decommissioned or moved to other locations should drought conditions ease.”

The document looks in a general way at the technology of mobile reverse-osmosis units, both civilian and military, and illustrates examples of their use such as the UNICEF reaction to the asian tsunami in 2005. It also outlines transportation, power, operation, storage and other issues, and lists likely vendors.