High-end Montana ski town mulls reuse to produce snow

An exclusive ski town in Montana, US, called Big Sky, is considering a water reuse scheme that could see it make snow out of recycled wastewater, reports WaterDeeply.com.

The resort attracts a cohort of wealthy patrons to its high end ski and golf resorts, including the exclusive Yellowstone Club, and was popularised following the 1992 film, A River Runs Through It, which featured the Gallatin River.

The town’s popularity has put a strain on its groundwater reserves, and creates excess amounts of wastewater. The reuse scheme would provide water for making snow, and enable its slow release back into the natural environment. Direct replenishment of treated water into the much-loved Gallatin River is reportedly considered to be unacceptable to the community.

The two big local ski operators, Yellowstone Club and Big Sky Resort, are in favour of the plan, which could be in place by 2020.