Grundfos pump system boosts for RO and UF

Danish pumpmaker Grundfos has launched a new range of lightweight booster modules for high flow and pressure applications, including reverse osmosis (RO) and ultrafiltration (UF).

The company has also released two new BMS pump systems for desalination

Focus on simplicity for the booster modules has removed maintenance-heavy components and resulted in easy access to all vital parts. Combined with a permanent magnet motor, the efficiency of the pump has been improved by up to 5% and the weight reduced by more than 75%.

The BMS hs booster modules are designed for industrial and municipal water treatment systems. The processes include: RO systems; UF systems; Filtration systems; and Pressure-boosting systems and water supply.

The new Grundfos BMS hs has passed rigorous tests in different environments. Among these is a desalination plant on Lipari Island in Italy, where the design improvements and performance of the system impressed the customer.

The new desalination pump systems are the BMSX and BMST.

The BMSX is designed for seawater and brackish water desalination. It consists of a BMS hs pump, a BMS hp pump and an isobaric pressure‑exchanger with an efficiency of up to 98%. The system has the following features:

· Capable of delivering 1,500m³/day with an energy consumption starting as low as 2 KWh/m³ of produced water,
· Components made of super duplex stainless steel, polymer and ceramic, making the module extremely resistant to its operating environment
· Compact design and a very small footprint.

The BMST booster systems consist of a BMS hs and a Pelton turbine. This power pack makes it possible to deliver the same performance as with a standard centrifugal pump and thus save up to 35% of the pump’s total power consumption. BMST features include:

· Corrosion resistant material: all critical components are super duplex stainless steel,
· Capable of handling aggressive liquids such as brackish water and seawater
· Easy to integrate into skid-mounted systems.