Swedish submersible pumps specialist Grindex is expanding its range of stainless steel Inox pumps, to include the new Grindex Mega Inox, a 90 kW (50Hz) and 134 Hp (60 Hz) pump made entirely of stainless steel.

The Inox range of pumps, which have been on the market since 2008, are designed to meet the threefold challenge of corrosion, abrasive solids, and tough handling.

The new pump can be used with pH 2-1, and with abrasive particles, in demanding dewatering situations.

Grindex’s stainless steel hydraulic wet end pumps are often added to its cast iron Mega pump; and now even the Mega comes in the stainless steel option.

“Customers have for many years made do with less than perfect coated solutions, and so we anticipate that this new pump will solve a lot of headaches,” said Peter Uvemo, Grindex regional manager.