Florida legislates in favor of water reuse expansion

The state legislature of Florida, USA, on 2 May 2014 passed a bill (SB 536), which directs the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), in coordination with stakeholders, to conduct a comprehensive study and submit a report on the expansion of the beneficial use of reclaimed water, stormwater and excess surface water in Florida.

The bill states that the report must identify factors that prohibit or complicate reuse of these waters and how those factors can be eliminated.

The DEP must also identify measures that would lead to the efficient use of reclaimed water. Environmental, engineering, public health, public perception and fiscal constraints against the envisaged reuse expansion must also be pinpointed and incentives should be recommended for agencies substituting reused water for traditional water sources.

The bill now goes to governor Rick Perry for his signature and, if approved, requires a report from the DEP by 1 December 2015.