EU funds Dutch innovative wastewater MBR project

The European Union has given a € 3.4 million grant to a Dutch water board and membrane supplier Norit X-Flow for development of an innovative concept for municipal wastewater treatment.

Based on its proven Airlift™ membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology, Norit X-Flow has developed a revolutionary modular concept for wastewater treatment, known as the Megablock. This is a compact-modular purification system that combines biological treatment with UF membrane separation. The flexible concept consists of self-sustaining block-shaped segments, that can be easily clamped together when extra capacity is required. These predesigned blocks minimize plant engineering and the on-site construction period significantly.

Regge & Dinkel, the water board for the eastern region of Holland, and Norit X-Flow received the grant from the EU’s Water Framework Directive Innovation Program that promotes projects which are practical, innovative and cost-effective in improving surface water quality. The Megablock will be put into daily use by Regge & Dinkel water board and Norit X-Flow at a sewage treatment plant in Glanerbrug, Netherlands.

The project is in two phases. Phase 1 will aim to show that this new concept will be technically the most efficient and cost-effective solution for upgrading existing wastewater treatment plants. By applying Norit X-Flow’s membrane technology – the final step of the purification process in which the purified water is separated from the sludge – permeate water quality is significantly improved.

Phase two will consist of a collaboration between Regge & Dinkel board, the city of Enschede and Norit X-Flow. At this point the Glanerbrug wastewater treatment plant will be equipped with a second Megablock unit.

The additional treated wastewater can be fed indirectly into the surface water system of a local stream in an urban area. By sending water to the stream in times of drought, more water flows through the streams and ponds improving the water quality significantly. The project should be completed by late 2011.

This project is funded by the Water Framework Directive Innovation Program, performed by NL Innovation and assigned by the Netherlands Ministry of Transport, Public Works & Water Management.

For more information, contact: X-Flow BV