ERI launches re-engineered high-pressure pump range

Just days after appointing a new CEO, Energy Recovery Inc (ERI) has launched the Aqua line of high-pressure desalination pumps.

These are pumps obtained from ERI‘s acquisition of Pump Engineering that have been re-engineered to offer near-90% efficiencies.

The AquaBold™ multi-stage reverse osmosis (RO) high-pressure pump and the AquaSpire™ single-stage pump have been designed for maximum performance and power savings. They are easy to operate with no mechanical wear of the components, and are manufactured for more than 20 years service with little to no scheduled maintenance required.

Additionally, ERI claims that, when combined, its pumps and energy-recovery devices offer the highest efficiency packaged solution with minimum power consumption for desalination plants around the world.

The AquaBold high-pressure seawater pump has been optimized for quality, reliability and durability, and offers enhanced corrosion resistance. A unique new internal component protection system acts as an “anti-crash” feature similar to those found in cars that protect internal components in the event of damage to the pump, offering an elevated level of reliability.

Additionally, the new and improved bearing and debris durability increases the lifecycle of the pump and reduces the need for maintenance. The pumps include innovative, process lubricated thrust bearing technology, helping to eliminate efficiency losses.

The AquaSpire high-pressure single-stage seawater or brackish water pump contains ERI’s patented Volute Insert Technology™, which allows the custom hydraulics of the pump to be adjusted should the system conditions change in the future, such as plant expansions. Whereas other pumps require completely new casings made of the original pump material, this new feature enables customers to simply change out the lightweight internal volutes to bring the pump back to its Best Efficiency Point.