Desalitech has won the IDA Industry Technology and Innovation Leader in Water Reuse and Conservation Award of Distinction, thanks in part to its work at Padre Dam Advanced Water Reclamation plant in Southern California.

The award was one of three presented at IDA’s International Reuse and Recycling Conference in Nice, France, on September 27, 2016.

Desalitech achieved reverse osmosis water recovery rates of 96 per cent at the Padre Dam plant, outpacing the industry’s highest recovery rates of 85 per cent for comparable water.

“Desalitech is proud to receive this prestigious award from IDA. It is an important recognition of our ability to treat and reuse water at record-breaking efficiencies, and of our place as leaders in water reuse,” said Desalitech chief executive Nadav Efraty.

Performance data for Padre Dam was earlier presented by Eileen Idica, engineer at Trussell Engineers, at the WateReuse Symposium in Tampa, Florida, on September 11 to 14, 2016. Idica reported on five months of operation at 95 per cent and 96 per cent water recovery rates, with negligible membrane fouling, scaling or maintenance. The 96 per cent recovery rate corresponds to an up to sixfold reduction in unrecoverable water and disposal, Desalitech said.

The IDA Industry Technology and Innovation Leader in Water Reuse and Conservation Award recognises outstanding performance by a technology and equipment provider that achieves advances in water reuse and conservation enabling significant reductions in energy use, carbon footprint, or cost of alternative water supplies.

Desalitech states that its ReFlex reverse osmosis systems operate at guaranteed maximum recovery rates, reducing wastewater by 50 per cent to 85 per cent, and energy consumption by up to 35 per cent.