Desalitech closed-circuit technology set for BWRO project

Israel-based Desalitech Ltd announced on 7 April 2011 that it had been awarded a contract to design and build a reverse osmosis (RO) desalination system for Environmental Protection Technologies (EPT), a global company that leads the industrial wastewater treatment market in Israel.

The 600 m³/d brackish water RO system features Desalitech’s innovative Closed Circuit Desalination (CCD™) technology. Brackish well water with total dissolved solids of up to 3,500 ppm will be desalinated at 90% recovery with an energy consumption level of 0.65 kWh/m³ of permeate to supply drinking water for the Dead Sea Works industrial compound.

Newly appointed Desalitech executive vice president Dr Rick Stover says that the BWRO-CCD process features exceptionally low capital expenditure and energy consumption along with maximum permeate recovery, reduced scaling and membrane biofouling and extreme flexibility that enables automatic adaptation to substantial variations in feed water quality and customer requirements.

The CCD process is a water treatment platform that uses conventional RO equipment in a novel configuration that dramatically reduces the cost of clean water production from seawater, brackish water, surface and ground water, and industrial water sources