Danfoss doubles its desalination efforts

Danfoss has effectively split its desalination business into two with the launch of the iSave isobaric pressure exchanger.

At the IDA World Congress, Danfoss had two separate booths, one promoting the iSave and its APP pump range, the other the newly revamped WaterCube small desalination unit.

The iSave energy-recovery unit has the booster pump integrated in the unit itself, making what Danfoss says is the most compact product in the market. The integrated electric motor controls the speed of the isobaric pressure exchanger and a positive-displacement booster pump making a high-pressure flow-meter unnecessary. Due to the speed control, the risk of over-spinning the device when flushing has been eliminated.

The durable device constructed in SuperDuplex has the smallest footprint of any isobaric ERD currently available on the market, says Danfoss. It is built as one unit which also involves less piping.

Within the next few years the new isobaric pressure exchangers will range from 10 m³/h up to 77 m³/h and offer the same efficiencies and low mixing level as other isobaric pressure exchangers on the market.

At the IDA exhibition, two models of the new iSave™ were on show – the iSave 21 (giving 10-21 m³/h) which will be ready for sale by January 2010, and the iSave 40 (21-40 m³/h) ready for sale during 2010.

Marketing of the final edition of Danfoss’ small desalter, WaterCube 2 has been spun off by Danfoss into a separate company, AquaSepa A/S, which will still be based with Danfoss and part of the Trusted By Danfoss programme.

The shell of the machine has been redesigned to take account of market feedback and the noise level has been reduced from 89 dB to 74 dB. The power has also been adjusted, and the machine now produces water at 3.46 kWh/m³.

Anders Valbjørn has moved from his position as director of Danfoss RO Solutions to become CEO of AquaSepa.

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