Are you ready for CaviGulation?

Cavitation Technologies Inc, which has been touting its nano technologies around various industries over the past year, has announced the development of the CaviGulation system, designed for physico-chemical reactions used in water treatment and desalination in particular.

The CaviGulation reactor is “a multi-stage flow-through electro-cavitation process on the nano molecular level”, according to the company’s 1 December 2009 release. Its goal, says the release, is to reduce the cost of desalinated water to US$ 2.0/1,000 gallons (US$ 0.53/m³).

“After years of research CTI’s scientists have developed our CaviGulation system,” says Roman Gordon, Cavitation Technologies’ CEO. “The first prototype unit has been built and delivered to our testing facility in Chatsworth, California. It will require several more months of testing in order to be able to establish all of the benefits and savings that could be provided for the desalination industry.”