Cyprus to allow private individuals to install desalination units

The government of Cyprus has approved a guide which allows private individuals to install desalination plants of up to 1,500 m3/d.

The guide provides for a “flexible and swift” approvals process that takes no more than a month, and determines where facilities can be located.

The move intends to help meet demand from water consumers including farmers, and operators of hotels, golf courses, and water parks

A delegation of ministry officials, business people, and farmers’ representatives is visiting Israel this week (16 October 2018), to learn more about the potential of desalination technology. 

Cyprus has desalination plants in Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, and Famagusta, producing 220,000 m3/d; and a 15,000 m3/d facility in construction in Paphos, which is expected to start up in 2019.

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