Concentrate disposal reference report published by WRA

The WateReuse Association has published a report that it hopes will function as a knowledge base on desalination concentrate disposal for regulators, consultants and engineering companies involved in municipal desalination concentrate management.

The report, Development of a Knowledge Base on Desalination Concentrate and Salt Management (07-02-1), gathers, analyzes and synthesizes information on the topic. Its objectives are:

· Identifying and defining issues that can affect municipal desalination facility decision-making needs–in regard to concentrate management
· Providing an up-to-date information base supporting the understanding of concentrate management
· Defining a recommended approach for preparing a concentrate management guidance manual to be generated in a future project.

Several approaches were applied for gathering and analysis of information, including:

· A survey of municipal desalination facilities
· Telephone conversations with US Environment Protection Agency and state regulators
· Participation in various desalination research workshops
· A review of the desalination and saline management literature
· An information-gathering workshop with utilities, consultants, and regulators.

Information was obtained from municipal and non-municipal industries, including international as well as US sources. Other industries and countries were included to ensure a broad understanding of technologies, salinity management options and practices, and emerging issues.