CaribDA, ERI and Dow back operator training

In co-operation with Energy Recovery Inc (ERI) and Dow Water & Process Solutions, the Caribbean Desalination Association is organising a two-day operator training program at the Westin Dawn Beach Resort in St Maarten on 17-18 September 2009.

The first day will be a free seminar conducted by ERI which will highlight some of the advances in high-efficiency desalination technologies which plants are using throughout the Caribbean and worldwide. Presentation topics will include details on proven and affordable products such as high efficiency membranes & energy recovery device designs and their operation.

The second day will cover training on ‘Energy efficiency in RO Operations’, provided by DHP Training. This customized program will cover aspects of energy efficiency, including:

  • Energy recovery
  • Understanding problems that cause higher pressure requirements
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting to catch problems at an early stage
  • Registration Fee for Day 2: US$ 250 (members), US$ 300 (non-members)

    For more information, contact:
    Mr M.Pereira, CaribDA Email: [email protected]
    or: Ms Audrey Bold, ERI, tel : +1 510 746 2529;
    Email: [email protected]