Biwater lands Chino desalination concentrate reduction

A concentrate-reduction facility is to be built for the Chino Basin Desalter Authority in California by Biwater AEWT, involving installation of three new reverse-osmosis (RO) desalination units.

Working with WM Lyles Co, the main contractor, Biwater will design, supply and supervise the new RO units, which involves the modification and expansion of the existing Chino II Desalter facilities. The project will add 14,000 m³/d of water treatment capacity to the Authority’s existing facilities, serving surrounding urban areas.

The project will treat concentrated brine from the existing primary RO system, with a new secondary RO system to be provided by Biwater. Pretreatment ahead of the secondary RO trains will consist of pellet softening, solids contact clarification, granular media filtration, bag filtration and threshold inhibitor/acid addition.

As a result, unwanted molecules and ions will be removed from the solution, reducing the concentrate discharge from the existing facility and producing additional potable water that meets rigid quality standards set by the authority.

“With our facility in San Dimas, California, we are just a short journey away from the project site,” said Richard White, senior vice president, Biwater AEWT. “It is rewarding to both see and experience the results of Biwater’s work in the local community with this project taking place over the next two years.”