Aquatech to set up Pennsylvania oil & gas facility

Aquatech International Corp has been granted a permit to operate a central treatment facility for regional shale gas producers in Tioga County, Pennsylvania, USA, using its MoSuite™ set of technologies.

Aquatech is based in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, which is in the heart of the Marcellus Shale region. Its distillation evaporator and crystallization technologies treat all levels of shale oil & gas water and wastewater, including high total dissolved solids production brine.

The Tioga facility will provide high quality wastewater treatment that delivers consistent treated water quality and flexible water management solutions for the industry.

MoSuite is an effective combination of MoTreat® and MoVap® process units, a pretreatment and distillation evaporator specifically designed to treat drill fluids, frac flowback, production brine and other wastewaters from exploration and production of conventional and unconventional oil & gas. The suite of processing units delivers a tiered menu of services including filtration, disinfection, solids handling, pretreatment and evaporation concentration.