Al Ghubrah mobile desalination plant onstream in Oman

The 27,000 m³/d mobile desalination plant being built at Al Ghubrah, Oman, for the Public Authority for Electricity & Water (PAEW) has gone onstream, the Oman Observer reported on 26 December 2010.

Designed, installed and operated by SepTech Muscat LLC, the plant uses 24 containerised seawater reverse-osmosis units, pumping product water to the main Ghubrah supply reservoir. Capital cost was OMR 17.6 million (US$ 45.7 million) and O&M costs will be OMR 8.715 (US$ 22.6 million) over 3 years.

Zahir al Suleimani director general of projects at PAEW is quoted as saying, “The plant is distinguished for its mobility thanks to the flexibility in its dismantling. It can be moved to any area of the Omani coast in parts or as a whole if the need arises.”