Accelerate H20 launches demonstration hub in El Paso

Accelerate H20 has launched a demonstration hub for technologies to reuse and reclaim water in El Paso, Texas.

The hub is the second of seven proposed regional facilities to test, evaluate, and streamline next generation water technologies for residential, agricultural, industrial and utility purposes.

It has been formed in partnership with the University of Texas El Paso, El Paso Water Utility, and the Hub of Human Innovation to advance academic, industry, and entrepreneurial solutions for Texas’ estimated 880 trillion gallons of brackish water.

Ed Archuleta, El Paso Water System’s former president and AccelerateH2O’s chairman, said: “Texas does not have well organized, large scale sites for testing, evaluating, demonstrating the world’s best technologies seeking to enter into our $9 billion market.
“After talking with 30 national and global firms about their previous experience to bring in current and future generations of products and integrated tools, one common response was the need to have seamless access to professionally managed sites to prove out their technologies for state permitting and showcasing effectiveness for investors and procurement decision makers.”

Accelerate H20 has issued a call for proposals to international, national and state technology firms and integrated solution providers seeking to address challenges in brackish desalination and advanced treatment integration. Proposals will be determined on a fee-for- service model. A copy of the Demonstration and Pilot Proposal Application can be found through the Texas Water Innovation Clearinghouse at http://www.