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Desalination industry leaders this week declared emphatic support for the role of sustainable measures alongside advances in desalination to address growing water scarcity. Opening speakers at the IDA World Congress in San Diego emphasized the importance of conservation and water recycling in ...
Bomo Environmental Engineering has purchased two evaporators from IDE Technologies as part of China's first produced water treatment plant. The facility in Karamay, Xinjian will be the first in China to operate under a Build Operate Own (BOO) model. The win marks IDE's bid to raise its profile...
Global membrane market growth nears 11%
California county mulls tapping into nuclear plant desalination
South Africa looks to the sea
Israel to join top ten water stressed by 2040
New LG Chem filter plant to drive market leadership bid
Oman trial plant eases water scarcity

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Pump manufacturer, KSB, has claimed its recently launched pressure centre for reverse osmosis (RO) systems is a world first in combining four main components into a single, RO system.
Process industry water systems and technology firm, Aquarion Group, has unveiled its zero liquid discharge (ZLD) system which it claims brings significant operating and capital cost savings making it the "lowest cost ZLD system available".
Dow's new ultrafilter bags innovation award
Aquatech bangs drum for flash thermal process in reuse
Evoqua electrodialysis slashes energy use
Xylem unveils new treatment system for potable reuse
Xylem reuse system to up potable water supply in Los Angeles
Sterlitech offers new ultrafiltration membranes

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Blooms of blue-green algae on lakes and other bodies of water are poorly monitored and underestimated as a risk to recreational and drinking water quality in the US and may be a threat to health globally according to recent research.
US utility Gwinnett has approved an agreement with the WateReuse Research Foundation for a research project to test the feasibility and economics of using an ozone/biological treatment process to produce drinking water directly from reclaimed water.
Magnesium powered water purification wins patent
Study demonstrates good vibrations for desalination
Researchers desalinating greenhouse uses unexplained bubble physics
Microbes could improve fracking clean-up
US and Indian researchers bag first prize in desalination contest
Researchers seek to engineer wastewater treatment for agriculture

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This article first appeared in the August 2015 issue of Desalination & Water Reuse magazine.
Researchers in Israel have uncovered indicators of a new mechanism behind biofouling in reverse osmosis membranes. Progress in comprehension of the complicated interactions between chemical and biological species and their damaging effects on membrane permeability could spawn solutions to their co

In a recent report on ceramic membranes, BlueTech Research reviewed the technology s rate of adoption in water and wastewater treatment applications. Drawing on that analysis the authors here look at how improvements in life-cycle costs are affecting that adoption and how recent innovations could dr...
Tyler Algeo and James Fotouhi BlueTech Research

March of continuous electrodeionization in ultra pure water use
Algae: a tide of trouble
Larger flowmeters speak volumes
The word on the sheet: biofilm has a script
Less is more
Microbubble membrane cleaning stems fouling
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Other accessoriesWe also provide a comprehensive range of hose connectors, high-pressure hoses, clamps, bell housing kits, VFDs and electric motors.
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Texas Desal 2015 (Radisson Hotel, Austin, Texas) - 30/09/2015
Choosing the best desalination technology for your project (Online - Webinar) - 14/10/2015
AWWA/AMTA 2016 Membrane Conference & Exposition (San Antonio, Texas, USA) - 01/02/2016
EDS Desalination for the Environment: Clean Water and Energy (Marriott Park Hotel, Rome, Italy) - 22/05/2016
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