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The Egyptian State Information Service reported that a mobile water desalination plant powered by solar energy was inaugurated in Marsa Matrouh governorate on 18 April 2014.
Desalination of water from the Azov Sea could be one of the best sources for a water supply to Crimea, recently annexed by the Russian Federation, according to Polad Polad-zade, former USSR minister of water resources and deputy president of the Union of Watermen & Irrigators.
» Monterey cost/benefit study to look at 'social ROI'
» Beijing desalinated water supply could reach 1 billion m³/yr
» Gulf red-tide early-warning system funding 'soon'
» SEDA to hold May Day membrane cleaning workshop
» AMTA schedules workshops up to 2016 conference
» NWMOA May workshop looks at wastewater MBRs

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A patents-pending chemical desalination process, which will be presented as a Water Technology Idol contestant in Paris in April, claims to reduce concentrations of total dissolved solids (TDS) in excess of 300,000 mg\l to less than 150 mg/l.
Swiss process water purification company Aquarion Group has introduced ZLD-ECO, an advanced hybrid zero liquid discharge (ZLD) system, which optimizes the ZLD process.
» UF membrane designed to reduce O&M for MBRs
» Ceramic flotation-filtration package on show in Las Vegas
» APTwater Rochem relaunched under Ultura brand name
» Sewer-mining distribution deal signed for Canada
» AquaMost selects Texas company as US sales agent
» Wedeco UV energy-consumption reduced by up to 30%

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Funding totalling US$ 1.5 million is being offered this year by the US Bureau of Reclamation for laboratory and pilot-scale studies of desalination and water purification systems.
A difference in the way agencies carrying out water-reuse case-studies view metrics compared with a more general set of stakeholders has been identified by a study carried out by the WateReuse Research Foundation (WRRF).
» Alamagordo adds projects, hosts desalination contest
» Arkansas researchers join NSF membrane collaboration
» WateReuse reports: minimizing concentrate and overtreating
» B&V's Rimer joins board of WateReuse Research Foundation
» Desalination roadmap available to aid researchers
» Asian agricultural water-reuse risk 'exceeds WHO limits'

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Press Releases

We are excited to announce the return of our most popular event. IWES Gold Coast 2014 will take place throughout the week of July 14-18. The program incorporates a wider range, and number, of course offerings for participants to choose from - including some of our most popular and established course...

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CDI used as a point-of-entry system for treating incoming water for residential homes.When new technologies arrive on the scene, various companies and researchers publish their own particular view of their use and value. After a few years, some, like capacitive deionization, achieve a toehold in the industry and are deserving of the more considered look these authors have given them...
Lawrence Weinstein, FlexEl LLC, and Ranjan Dash, Dash & Associates LLC, USA

More and more SWRO plants running parallel trains Danfoss RO Solutions, Netherlands Two articles on the same theme: are we about to see a move away from large high-pressure centrifugal pumps for RO desalination in favour of multiple modules with smaller pumps? The first reviews modular po...
John P MacHarg, Ocean Pacific Technologies, and Bradley Sessions, AQC Ltd, USA

» Nanchong chemical park to use advanced treatment/reuse
» Seawater desalination in China - Where is it now and where is it going?
» Developing membrane distillation for desalination brines
» Hot Standby Operation – Gold Coast Desalination Plant
» Direct membrane filtration simplifies reuse process
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Lewabrane® - Reverse Osmosis elements for industrial and potable water treatment The Lewabrane® RO membrane elements family of specialty chemicals group LANXESS consists of spiral-wound, thin-film composite membrane elements designed specifically for potable and industrial water treatment. The RO membrane chemistry and element construction is designed to provide optimized, low-c
MM4 Membrane Master Membrane Master is the world's foremost scaling prediction program and the result of many years of development. Just enter project details, operational data and a detailed water analysis and Membrane Master will automatically calculate the Langelier Saturation Index and the most effective...
» Horizontal sand filters
» IDE PROGREEN (TM) Clean water without chemicals
» Water Treatment Offering for the Desalination Industry

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» International Congress On Desalination & Water Reuse (Qingdao, China) - 09/06/2014
» IWES Gold Coast 2014 (Brisbane, Australia) - 14/07/2014
» Texas Desalination Association annual conference 2014 (Austin, Texas, USA) - 11/09/2014
» Workshop On Major Australian Urban Desalination Plants (Brisbane, Australia) - 28/04/2014
» Ozwater ’14 Conference & Exhibition (Brisbane, Australia) - 29/04/2014
» SEDA Reverse Osmosis Membrane Cleaning Workshop (Cape Coral, Florida) - 01/05/2014
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