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Desalitech has won a deal to supply a high-efficiency, ultrapure water treatment system for Novelis' aluminium production facility in Changzhou, China to help comply with a regulatory requirement for zero-liquid discharge (ZLD) in applicable process wastewaters. 
High-efficiency reverse osmosis (RO) system specialist, Desalitech, has entered into a non- exclusive partnership with filtration, separation and purification technology firm Pall Corporation. The  agreement will enable the companies to offer integrated microfiltration (MF), ultr...
» Hitachi Zosen develops waste-fired desalination
» Modern Water in tie up with Bilfinger Deutsche Babcock
» QUA wins electrodeionization deal
» Water Planet joins forces with Applied Membranes
» AMTA and AWWA announce ward winners
» Indian city retail quarter to get desalination plant

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Evoqua Water Technologies has added a new ultrafiltration system to its Memcor product line that enables customers to design submerged membrane systems with the lowest cost of ownership in the membrane industry the company claims.

Specialty chemicals company, Lanxess, has launched new reverse osmosis (RO) elements from its Lewabrane product line with improved performance "thanks to innovative feed spacers". The new elements bring "considerable cost-cutting potential" said Lanxess.
» GE extends analytics to optimize reverse osmosis
» Oasys launches zero liquid upgrade
» Adionics salt extraction pinpoints ions
» Petrobras approves GE sulphate-stripping nanofiltration
» KSB Salino pressure centre is "world first" combination
» Aquarion claims its zero liquid system as lowest cost

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Researchers have concluded that pressure-retarded osmosis (PRO) was commercially "dead" primarily due to biofouling.
An industry-academia collaboration, led by professor Toshinori Tsuru at Japan's Hiroshima University, has developed a new desalination membrane which the researchers claimed can withstand extraordinarily high concentrations of chloride and the cleaning agent, hypochlorite.
» US water recycling research bodies to merge
» Researchers publish radioactive strontium stripping method
» Indian scientists unveil solar hybrid desalination
» Scientists claim plant cell membrane mimic shrinks desalination costs
» Illinois researchers identify ultra efficient membrane material
» MIT researchers unveil groundbreaking desalination system

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Focus on fouling: a role for diagnostics. This article first appeared in the December 2015 issue of Desalination & Water Reuse magazine.
Eduard Cortada, Jordi Aumatell, Núria Adroer, Irene Marian Adiquimica.

Batch beats conventional RO at high recoveryUK-based researchers have developed a reverse osmosis desalination system that they say promises to meet the challenges in providing freshwater to the millions worldwide who lack access to it. The research leader explains how his team has addressed the dilemma of cutting energy demand while upping r...
Dr Trevor Loveday, editor, Desalination & Water Reuse

» A small world
» A course for the future
» Biofouling - a new start
» Ceramic membranes: smashing prospects
» March of continuous electrodeionization in ultra pure water use
» Algae: a tide of trouble
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We Create Chemistry that helps water love solutionsChemistry as a key industry has always been a driving force for innovation, providing sustainable solutions for the challenges that arise from trends in “resources, environment and climate,” “food and nutrition” and “quality of life.” Sustainable solutions can only be achieved through innovation. Th
Industrial Water Treatment: Protect your investmentBASF is dedicated to ensuring that all plants and processes that utilize water are able to operate at peak efficiency.
» Waste Water Treatment: Combine Performance with Security
» Desalination: Every drop counts
» Membrane

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» A WEBINAR NOT TO MISS ? Overcoming The Hurdles of Mega-Sized RO Desalination Plants (Online - Webinar) - 24/02/2016
» EDS Desalination for the Environment: Clean Water and Energy (Marriott Park Hotel, Rome, Italy) - 22/05/2016
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