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Israel Chemical (ICL), has sold its water treatment business, APW, to Japanese water treatment giant Kurita Water Industries for 250 million (US$ 317 million). The sale was part of ICL's aim to divest non-core assets.
Of the top 20 construction contractors in desalination, only Singapore company, Hyflux, provides investors with exposure to desalination, unalloyed with other industry risks according to market analyst, Nanalyse.
IDE plans layoffs as it switches focus overseas
IDE marks Australian push with new Brisbane and Sydney offices
New Mexico mulls new rules to allow water reuse for oilfield drilling
Researchers claim electrodialysis good for fracking reuse
Xylem supplies wastewater denitrification systems in China
Malaysia's Malakoff eyes desalination in global advance

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BASF subsidiary and ultrafiltration (UF) membranes manufacturer, Inge has secured the biggest project in its history to supply high-capacity ultrafiltration for a desalination plant in Jamnagar, India.
Industrial conglomerate GE has launched a membrane-based wastewater treatment technology, that combines biogas production with its enforced hollow fibre, ZeeWeed 500 membranes targeting the industrial water reuse market.
Xylem lands US$ 0.5 million Portugal ultrafiltration deal
Wigen to provide universal ultrafiltration system for Santa Barbara
Osmoflo reports concentrate reduction success
CECO launches vertical pump for desalination market
Ozone-boosted wastewater treatment clears tough pollutants
Biofouling block could up membrane life tenfold

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Researchers in the US have unveiled a new device that could be used in a solar-powered, near-equivalent of flash distillation to improve the sustainability of seawater desalination.
Scientists at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) have devised a forward osmosis system which they claim could reduce the energy used in desalination for irrigation by up to 80 per cent.
Australian cutback leaves desalination centre seeking funds
Reused wastewater disinfection reports published by WRRF
Action under e-COST to tackle water reuse microbiology
June deadline for Paul L Bush award nominations
Funding drive launches nine DPR research projects
Graphene frameworks 'can make desalination 100x faster'

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The Group designs, builds, operates and finances facilities for both local authorities and industry. Expert in drinking or process water production, wastewater treatment, biosolids processing, the Group is also resolutely committed to desalination and reuse and extremely enthusiastic about the chall...

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Dissolved air flotation (DAF) is a well established method for removing suspended solids from wastewater that is gaining ground in the pretreatment of seawater for desalination. The authors describe a method for analyzing the flow of water in DAF to inform better design of DAF tanks. This artic...
Jun Kim, Lan Huong Doan, Hyung Keun Roh Doosan Hydro Technology.

Assumed configurations of the four scenarios.The quest to secure new and durable supplies of potable water is being pursued in a growing number of regions of the world as existing supplies diminish and populations grow. The authors describe here a means to appraise options that accounts for all of the chief factors in any locality that might i...
Greg Finlayson GHD, Melbourne, David De Haas GHD, Brisbane and Dawn Guendert GHD, Irvine, California.

New technology and long-term reliability in process and potable water production
Innovative Technologies Implemented at Bahrain Petroleum Company to Treat Refinery Wastewater
Why MFI is edging SDI as a fouling index
Russian heavy oil recovery enhanced by water reuse
Interview: Abdullah Al-Alshaikh, president of the International Desalination Association
Fujairah 1 Extension SWRO:Integration with MSF leads to large savings
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The A.R.I. Wafer Style Check Valve for DesalinationThe A.R.I. NR-010 is a unique check valve made entirely from composite materials, which can withstand highly abrasive conditions and ensure long-term service in corrosive environments such as seawater, brine and chlorine water found in the desalination industry.
New A.R.I. Combination Industrial Air Valve for DesalinationA.R.I has recently marketed the D-025L, a combination air valve adapted for use in seawater applications in the desalination industry. The D-025L is made from stainless steel SAE 316, Duplex 5a or composite materials.
A.R.I. Combination Air Valve for Desalination
The New A.R.I. High Pressure Air Valve for Desalination
16 Side Port Vessel

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AMTA Technology Transfer Workshop (Keystone, Colorado) - 09/12/2014
AMTA/AWWA Joint Membrane Technology Conference & Exposition (Orlando, Florida, USA) - 02/03/2015
AMTA Technology Transfer Workshop (Carefree, Arizona) - 19/05/2015
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