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France-based Adionics has launched a smart desalination solution that is able to remove specific salts to address the growing demand coming from oil and gas, food and beverages as well as mining.
Swiss oil and gas industry water systems company, Aquarion Group, has acquired Membran- Filtrations-Technik (MFT) of Germany for an undisclosed sum.
Bahrain energy bid includes desalt
Texas cities ponder desalination as lawmakers seek to remove legal obstacles
Six Chinese firms sign Venezuelan desalination deal
Abengoa inaugurates West Africa's first desalination plant
Researchers seek algal bloom case studies
Xylem joins US trade mission to China

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Energy recovery device manufacturer, Isobarix has made what it has called its "first milestone shipment" of its XPR-809 series device.
Reverse osmosis membrane specialist LG NanoH₂O has moved into the brackish water market with a new range of membranes scheduled for release later this year.
AMTA NEWS Hydranautics upgrades membrane projection software
Xylem signs North America filter distribution deal with Nuove Energie
GE reuse pack ends power plant's drinking water use in cooling
Evoqua launches reverse osmosis system into Asian industrial markets
World's biggest oil refinery takes Energy Recovery desalination delivery
LG NanoH2O appoints sales manager for Saudi

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Physicists at Utrecht University in The Netherlands have calculated that that energy producers theoretically could achieve a much higher yield when generating electricity by a version of so-called blue energy production - which harnesses the energy generated when saline and ...
Researchers at Australia's national science agency, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) claim to have found a means to end the need for desalinated water in a major copper mining process.
Carbon sponge could decarbonize desalination
New system uses 80% less energy than reverse osmosis researchers claim
Australian cutback leaves desalination centre seeking funds
Reused wastewater disinfection reports published by WRRF
Action under e-COST to tackle water reuse microbiology
June deadline for Paul L Bush award nominations

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In spring 2014 we published an article on how Genesys developed its microbubble-based membrane cleaning system. In this follow up Genesys presents results from a case study of the technology in a wastewater reverse osmosis plant. This article first appeared in the issue of Desalination & Water R...
Steve Chesters managing director of Genesys International

IDE Technologies (IDE) designed and operates three of the largest seawater reverse osmosis desalination plants in the world each with a cost per cubic metre of produced water among the lowest globally. This it accomplished despite a fourfold variability in the electricity price and demanding regula...
David H Paul president, David H Paul, Inc.

Is low temperature the next hot prospect?
Scaling-up and piloting of pressure-retarded osmosis
Cutting the costs of corrosion in seawater desalination with shut-off butterfly valves

Treatment of process effluent water for reuse in food production
The real value of commercial-scale testing
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CONWED REVERSE OSMOSIS SERIES Conwed offers exceptional technical expertise in Feed Spacer Development
CONWED ORIENTED NETTINGWe deliver strong yet lightweight netting solutions for filtration applications

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AMTA Technology Transfer Workshop (Carefree, Arizona) - 19/05/2015
AMTA Technology Transfer Workshop (Toronto, Canada) - 14/07/2015
IDA 2015 World Congress (San Diego, California, USA) - 29/08/2015
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