Toray Industries’ US membrane arm has bought TCK Membrane America - a manufacturer of reverse osmosis /nanofiltration (RO/NF) membranes in Anaheim, California.

This move follows Toray’s acquisition of Woongjin Chemcial Company – now Toray Chemical Korea, - and TCK Membrane America said Toray. “This will greatly expand our market coverage beyond our traditional areas of business” said Toray Membrane USA chief executive officer Steve Cappos.

The combination of the two companies will increase the value of RO/NF products to customers as membrane manufacturing and support has expanded to include the facility located in Anaheim, California said Toray.

The facility in Poway, California will continue to manufacture 8-inch and 4-inch RO elements, membrane bioreacotrs, ultrafiltration and specialty membranes. The facility in Anaheim, California will continue to manufacture RO/NF membranes for residential and commercial applications under the brand name CSM.