Spiral Water presents new self-cleaning filter model

Spiral Water has introduced a new self-cleaning filter model that handles bigger flows and higher pressures than its original product.

The new Model S1000 has a maximum flow rate of 1,360 m3/d (250 gpm), more than three times that of the original Model 800 series; it can operate at higher pressures, up to 10.3 bar at 70 degrees Fahrenheit; as well as at temperatures up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit.

Specifically, Model S1000 can be applied to remove suspended solids or recover high value solids from processes including wine and juice filtration, and liquid fertiliser production; to remove solids from wastewater streams in food and beverage plants, municipal wastewater plants, and in industries where solids reduction is required for water discharge or reuse; and to remove solids from process water or wastewater in order to protect equipment, such as nozzles and heat exchangers.

Each filter contains a motor-driven, spiral shaped brush that continuously cleans debris from inside the filter element. Solids collect at the end of the filter housing and are expelled by an automatic purge valve or through a continuous concentrate stream. The system performs at very low differential pressure.

Spiral Water won a Bluetech Disruptive Technology Award in 2016, based on customer use cases.