New large-scale UF membrane from French developer

French independent membrane manufacturer Polymem, based in Toulouse, has launched what it calls the largest and most compact ultrafiltration (UF) module.

The Gigamem™ UF 240 module has a 515 m² filtration surface.

Polymem says that this new design has been adapted for “huge” water treatment plant requirements offering compactness, optimized maintenance and cost-saving.

The UF 240 module is composed of a 610 mm diameter vessel (composite and titanium for seawater or stainless steel for other applications) and 49 membrane bundles. In this pressurized module, working out/in, raw water enters the central distribution tube (upper side) of the UF 240 module and UF water comes from the bundles’ superior faces (upper side).

Benefits claimed for the technology include:

  • Cost-saving on headers and frame: each UF 240 module has its own supporting feet and is directly connected on its top to the headers
  • Easy handling: the module vessel does not have to be dismantle once mounted on skid, only bundles are assembled / disassembled on site
  • Cost-saving on membrane replacement: each bundle can be individually dismantled from the plate and replaced.