Mann+Hummel buys into membrane-maker Microdyn-Nadir

Industrial filtration group Mann+Hummel announced on 8 May 2014 that it had taken a 50% stake of the German‑based company Microdyn‑Nadir.

This follows Mann+Hummel’s strategy to grow its business outside the automotive sector illustrated by its acquisition of Ultra‑Flo of Singapore in 2010 and Fluid Brazil of Brazil in 2012.

“The product range of both parties is complementary with very little overlap”, noted Alfred Weber, CEO of Mann+Hummel. “So is the geographical presence: Microdyn‑Nadir is strong in Europe, the US and China, and we are strong in South East Asia and Brazil.”

Mann+Hummel has focused on polymeric hollow-fibre membranes, whereas Microdyn‑Nadir specializes in the production and marketing of flat-sheet membranes and is a leading membrane and module supplier for micro-, ultra- und nanofiltration worldwide.

The membrane division of the former Hoechst AG, formerly known as Nadir Filtration was founded in 1966. In 2003, Nadir Filtration and Microdyn Modulbau, whose roots go back to Akzo AG, merged, and Microdyn‑Nadir has been an important player in the membrane market ever since. The company holds a strong market position within the industrial and municipal water and wastewater treatment sector.

Microdyn-Nadir’s headquarter is located in Wiesbaden and has subsidiaries in Xiamen, China, and in Raleigh, USA. About 70% of Microdyn‑Nadir’s nearly 100 employees are based at its headquarters and main production location in Wiesbaden.

The deal is subject to approval by anti-trust authorities.