LiqTech reports flat-sheet membrane pretreatment interest

Danish membrane manufacturer LiqTech says that the acceptance cycle for its new flatsheet membranes is much shorter than normal.

In its 2013 second quarter results, new CEO Finn Helmer said, “Flatsheet membranes are being used as a prefilter for reverse-osmosis filters generating drinking water from saltwater. The introduction to the marketplace of the LiqTech flatsheet membrane has been very well received and we have already quoted more than 10 major projects, which would translate into significant amount of revenue.”

“Applications are mainly in drinking water but also for industrial wastewater and process water,” said Helmer. “Over the next six months we expect that a number of these will develop into significant sales.”

The CEO also said that, during the last quarter, LiqTech had entered a new nanotechnology market and developed the first samples of a 10 nanometer (nm) membrane together with a 4 nm membrane. The prototypes are part of a development project made in cooperation with several universities.

LiqTech expects that the new membranes will open new markets for the company when the products are ready for production over the next year.