Large surface area for new ultrafiltration module

An ultrafiltration (UF) module with 91 m² of membrane surface area was launched on 11 November 2013 by Membrana GmbH, part of Polypore International Inc.

With its high filtration surface area, the product allows purchasers to build UF systems using fewer modules and less equipment.

The Membrana Liqui-Flux® W20 is a durable and robust ultrafiltration module that can process flow rates of 4.5-14 m³/h in a single device. The module utilizes the proven UltraPES™ membrane in an inside-out flow configuration and delivers consistent, high quality filtrate.

Dr Oliver Becker, Liqui-Flux business manager says, “The new W20 Liqui-Flux Ultrafiltration Module provides 20% more effective membrane surface area than we have in our product line today. This additional membrane area along with the product’s configurable port options provide our customers with the economics and flexibility they need to compete in today’s water treatment environment.”