California’s West Basin water plans look to yes vote for bond

California’s West Basin Municipal Water District plans to up its water recycling capacity and push ahead with desalination research with funds from a US$ 7.12 billion water bond which is subject to a state referendum next month.

Assuming passage of the legislation, West Basin, which serves 14 South Bay cities, will look to win cash through competitive grants funded by the bond known as proposition 1. The district hopes to increase the capacity of its Edward C Little Water Recycling Facility in El Segundo from 300 Ml/d to 350ML/d and back further studies at its Redondo Beach demonstration desalination plant.

Specific spending proposals in the proposition include: US$ 725 million for water recycling and advanced water treatment technology projects and US$ 900 million for competitive grants and loans for projects to prevent or clean up the contamination of groundwater that serves as a source of drinking water.

The state estimates that the bond will save ” a couple of hundred million dollars annually” in local government spending on water projects, “the next few decades”.
The water bond was passed by state legislature in August.

Proposition 1 authorises $7.12 billion in general obligation bonds for state water supply infrastructure projects which include water recycling and advanced water treatment technology. It reallocates $425 million of unused bond authority from prior water bond acts, and requires certain projects to provide matching funds from non-state sources before they can receive bond funds. The bond will be repaid from taxes at about US$ 360 million a year for 40 years.