ARI symposium to debate pressure surge problems

The problems of pressure fluctuations in water and wastewater systems and the use of the air valve as a tool for prevention and/or alleviation of surge in transmission systems is the subject of an international seminar arranged for April 2013 by ARI Flow Control Accessories Ltd.

The symposium, on 9-10 April 2013 Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee, Israel, will seek to exchange expert knowledge and awareness with the participants on the importance of advanced effective air valves in the prevention or reduction of the impact of surge on water and wastewater systems.

Leading professionals from around the world will participate in this event, including Shimon Tal, president of the Israel Water Association and chairman of WATEC, formerly water commissioner of Israel and chief engineer of Mekorot. He will be the moderator of the two-day conference.

Among the topics that will be discussed at the symposium are:

– Hydraulic transients, water column separation and down-surges.
– Water loss and contaminant intrusion due to pressure transients and down‑surges.
– Cavitational hammer: the formation and collapse of vapor cavities and the consequent extreme upsurges.
– The behavior of air in pressurized pipelines.
– The effect of air pockets on the occurrence and intensity of upsurges.
– Basics of air valve types and their purposes and function.
– Prevention of air pocket accumulation.
– Control of down surges and cavitation using air valves, both stand-alone and in conjunction with other means.
– Modeling of air valves in hydraulic transient software including one-phase modeling and its limitations and possibilities for two-phase and multi-phase modeling.
– Case studies and examples.

More details are available from: [email protected]