WRF to webcast water-reuse study results

A webcast on Innovative Treatment Technologies for Water Reuse is to be presented on 1 March 2012 by the WateReuse Research Foundation (WRF).

The webcast will present the results of a WRF study (WRF-02-009) conducted on current and emerging tertiary and advanced treatment technologies for reclaimed water disinfection and chemical constituent destruction.

The primary goal of the research was to identify a low-cost technology (or technologies) that would simultaneously both inactivate pathogens and destroy chemical constituents.

The results of this project included a number of novel findings, including:

  • The effectiveness of UV/peroxide at relatively low UV dose values
  • Detailed performance information on ozonation of reclaimed water
  • Disinfection analysis for a wide range of pathogens and oxidation analysis of a wide range of trace chemical constituents
  • Cost estimates of emerging and established technologies
  • Demonstration of treatment performance over a wide range of water qualities.
  • The speakers will be Karl Linden, University of Colorado at Boulder, and Jeff Bandy and Andy Salveson, Carollo Engineers.

    WRRF says that utility managers, consulting engineers, and academics who are interested in water reuse treatment technologies, especially as they relate to the dual goals of disinfection and chemical contaminant transformation and/or removal, will find this webcast useful.