US non-profit NWRI appoints Hardy as executive director

Former Encina Wastewater Authority (EWA) executive Kevin Hardy has joined the US National Water Research Institute (NWRI) as executive director.

Carslbad, California-based EWA provides recycled water, resource recovery, and wastewater treatment services in San Diego. Additionally, Hardy is a past president of California Association of Sanitation Agencies, and California Sanitation Risk Management Authority. He holds a masters in public administration from San Diego State University, and a JD from the School of Law at San Diego.

In his new role, Hardy takes charge of the non-profit NWRI, with a focus on supporting innovative scientific research, and activities to improve the quality of water supplies and availability of sources. Specific goals include working with policymakers on regulations for potable reuse; building relationships with public and private agencies; and facilitating NWRI’s expert panel programme to guide technological innovation, and policy.

“I confidently look forward to the challenges of this unique job. It’s rare to work on critical issues with colleagues whom you respect and who inspire you and, at the same time, have a hand in creating the future, especially for something as important as water,” said Hardy.

“Kevin is a great fit for NWRI. He is a successful strategic planner, is very personable and, significantly, he understands the practical, day-to-day needs of utilities. NWRI was formed by water and wastewater utilities to help them solve scientific and technical problems that they could not tackle alone,” added NWRI president of the board, James Ferryman.

Hardy suceeds Jeff Mosher, who moved in October 2016 to head up research at Water Environment & Reuse Foundation, US.