Study starts on salinity reclamation of W Australian river

Mitigation measures such as desalination and diversion could be proposed for the Collie river basin in Western Australia as a result of an independent review of possible strategies for salinity recovery, which has just been started by consultants KPMG and Worley Parsons.

Announcing the study, WA water minister Graham Jacobs said the review will be calling for submissions from proponents who have proposals to improve water resource quality in the Collie river basin in the next coming weeks.

“The recent endorsement to continue the $30million Collie pilot expansion, funded from the National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality (a joint federal and state government initiative) is another commitment from this government to salinity recovery,” said Jacobs. “This review will provide a strategic overview as to the best way forward in achieving a reversal of the disastrous impact of salinity on the quality of water available from the Collie basin.”

“Reducing salinity in the Collie river and Wellington reservoir will benefit irrigators, ensure viability of south-west inland towns and pave the way for the development of an industrial water supply, as well as supply water to the Integrated Water Supply Scheme,” the minister said.