Sohar desalination plant problems could cost US$ 1.8 million

Sohar Power Company (SPC) has said its water desalination plant will be brought back to full capacity by 20 June following earlier operational problems that will cost between OMR 0.7 million (US$ 1.82 million) and OMR 1.4 million, depending on the outcome of remedial actions, the company said in an online statement.

Repair measures have been started.

In its statement SPC said that the company faced two technical problems – a burst seawater pipeline belonging to Orpic refinery on 3 May and operational issues at SPC and water desalination plant on 2 April.

SPC said the burst Orpic refinery seawater pipe flooded the sea water intake area in the industrial port of Sohar and affected installations and operations of neighbouring companies including SPC. It estimated the financial impact of the flooding at more than exceed OMR 0.4 million (US$ 1.04 million).

“This incident caused a shutdown at Sohar power and desalination plant on 5 May, interrupting the supply of water to the state-owned Pubic Authority for Electricity and Water reservoir as well as the supply of power to the network,” SPC said.

“However, the full impact of the incident was still being investigated and the plant had not yet returned to normal operating mode,” it added.

On 19 May 19 the plant was shut down unexpectedly as a consequence, according to SPC, of the earlier seawater flooding.