Service packs offer membrane support flexibility

New service packs launched by membrane service provider OrangeBoat enable clients to tailor membrane and application support for water treatment systems.

Three packs are available, “tailored to meet your needs, and tiered for proportionality,” says Jantje Johnson of Minnesota-based OrangeBoat Support.

LifeRing provides immediate email and/or telephone support for customers with limited or sporadic technical service needs. Based on blocks of 10 hours, this service package is valid for a period of one year following instant activation.

Examples of LifeRing services are: technical review of reverse osmosis (RO) system design; preparation of RO projections; answers to loose questions; review of operating data; review of cleaning procedures for microfiltration, ultrafiltration and nanofiltration and RO; and subject matter expertise for water or process water applications.

LifeBoat provides technical support through site visits, meetings, conference calls and emails to meet needs that have a well-defined scope. Upon reaching agreement on the scope of work and project deliverables, OrangeBoat commences with the execution of services that are fine-tuned to the specific needs and requirements of each customer.

Examples of LifeBoat services are: plant audits; third party membrane element evaluations; design recommendations; system optimization; troubleshooting; bid review; and subject matter expertise.

LifeGuard providing support for customers with needs that require a temporary team member on a specific project. Based on a fixed number of days per month, for a specific period, OrangeBoat can provide support as early as the project design phase through execution and operation.

Examples of LifeGuard services are: monitoring water treatment system operation; pilot trial supervision; bid reviews; technical advisor; subject matter expertise.