Saudi plans US$ 80 billion injection into desalination resource

Saudi Arabian state-run utility Saudi Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) plans to invest SR300 billion (US$ 80 billion) by 2025 to boost desalinated water production to 8,500 Ml/d according to the governor of the utility Abdulrahman Mohammed al-Ibrahim.

SWCC produces 3,600 Ml/d of desalinated water but Al-Ibrahim said the planned investment would take that to 5,200 Ml/d in “less than two years”.

The utility plans to launch a pilot plant in Khafji which will produce 30 Ml/d of desalinated water using solar energy. Al-Ibrahim said 240 Ml/d of desalinated water from Ras Al Khair had been added this year.

A power plant in Ras Al Khair will eventually have capacity of 2,400 MW and the project will be able to desalinate at 1,000 ml/d.

Demand for power and water in the desert kingdom has grown significantly in recent years as it consumes more to support affluent lifestyles and escape the searing summer heat. Saudi has said it needs to spend more than US$ 210 billion over the next ten years to meet soaring domestic demand for water and electricity.