Russian nuclear giant musters experts to lead desalination drive

Russia’s nuclear energy corporation, Rosatom, has formed a group of expert desalination advisors as part of its push to win customers for its thermal desalination technologies. The company is targeting world regions where clean water is scarce as a path to becoming “leaders in the global nuclear market,” according to Rosatom.

Following the Expert Council on Desalination’s first meeting, member and president of Russian nuclear research centre, the Kurchatov Institute, Evgeny Velikhov said, “Foreign customers are interested in getting the best ready-made solution for water desalination with predictable final product cost. The [council] will allow us to quickly and efficiently develop such solutions for each client, based on the specific needs.”

He said Russia had “unique competencies and historical experience in using nuclear energy to produce fresh water by means of thermal desalination.” Rosatom said its focus was on seawater desalination using multiple effect distillation technologies requiring “a significant amount of energy.”

It said the council of leading scientists and desalination specialists will develop the “best technological solutions” for water and water treatment markets customers of its international arm Rusatom Overseas.

Chief executive of Rosatom Overseas, Dzhomart Aliev, said the company was “Prepared not only to construct a desalination facility based on nuclear technologies, but to operate it and ensure financing, too. With this approach, our aim is to become leaders in the global nuclear market.”