Online user’s guide for reuse water

The Salinity Management Guide, a new tool showing how recycled water can be safely used for landscape irrigation and that salinity can be addressed through proper management strategies, is now online at

Designed for landscape designers, park managers, and others using recycled water for landscape irrigation, the Salinity Management Guide is an interactive, user-friendly database that provides information varying from the basics of salinity to the design or redesign of landscape systems based on water needs, soil conditions, and the salt-tolerance of plants. It claims to be the only database of its kind that provides information on the effects of water quality on plants, soils, and water application systems.

In addition to the Salinity Management Guide, the website also includes:

  • A 4-page brochure on Managing Salinity of Recycled Water for Landscape Irrigation: The Link between Plants, Soils, Salts and Recycled Water.
  • A 320-page report titled A Comprehensive Literature Review on Salt Management Guide for Landscape Irrigation with Recycled Water in Coastal California.

Sponsors of the Salinity Management Guide include:

The Salinity Management Guide is also available on CD-ROM. To receive a complimentary copy of the CD-ROM, contact Tammy Russo of the National Water Research Institute at [email protected].