Oman funds renewable desalination research

Oman has approved funding for research into harnessing renewable energy sources for water desalination in the sultanate.

The research, under the Oman Research Council’s recently launched Renewable Energy Research Strategy Programme, will seek means to alleviate Oman’s over dependence on energy-intensive, gas-fired desalination to meet domestic water demand according to a national newspaper report.

The research proposals likely to attract funding from the council include solar power member desalination using seawater; solar photovoltaic powered reverse osmosis brackish water desalination; and solar powered multiple effect distillation using seawater. It will also include proposals that aim to enhance the performance of humidification and dehumidification units, and desalination technologies for irrigation, it added.
“The Council’s vision is to encourage high-quality scientific, experimental research to seek and propose real solutions for national challenges of renewable energy and energy efficiency,” said programme manager, Dr Ahmed Said Al Busaidi.
“Pilot research initiatives planned as part of this programme will enhance capacity building and knowledge transfer, as well as contribute to the comprehensive sustainable development of Oman,” he said.