Oman edict to spark desalination plant capacity expansions

Capacity increases in most of Oman’s desalination plants are likely following a decision by the Public Authority for Electricity and Water (PAEW) that all desalination plants must have a production capacity of not less than 10,000 m³/d.

The PAEW is implementing a number of giant water projects in the Sultanate. Among them is a 35 km long water transmission pipeline from Al Ghubrah water desalination plant to the Muscat water reservoir from where it will be distributed to six emergency water reservoirs at Qurum, Ruwi, Wadi al Kabir and Wattayah.

Water networks are planned also in the wilayats of Bidbid, Izki and Al Hamra’a in the Dakhiliyah Governorate. Work is also underway to build water networks in a number of villages and cities to meet the constant population, construction and economic growth.