Oklahoma passes bill to promote water reuse

US state Oklahoma recently passed legislation to promote water reuse projects within the state.

The Senate Bill “would require state agencies to create a permitting process for [water reuse] projects,” the legislation said. The new law will “encourage water districts and municipalities to expand the state’s supply of water through reuse and conservation,” acceding to Senator Rob Standridge, who wrote the bill. “To broaden our supply of safe, local water, municipalities, and water districts need to be able to take advantage of proven technologies for conservation and reuse. This legislation will facilitate projects that can help us secure our water needs well into the future,” he said.  “The Department of Environmental Quality shall receive, review, and evaluate permit applications for discharges to water bodies for water reuse projects. The Department shall approve such applications as comply with the applicable rules of the Environmental Quality Board for discharges to the waters of the State,” the legislation says.