Loans for Texas town proposing direct potable reuse

The Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) on 20 September 2012 approved loans totalling US$ 12 million to the City of Brownwood from the Texas Water Development Fund to finance wastewater system improvements, including possible direct potable wastewater reuse (DPR).

Brownwood intends to use the funds to make improvements to its wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) and the Slayden Street Lift Station. In addition, the city is proposing the development of a supplemental water supply treatment facility (SWSTF) for DPR.

Initially, just over a quarter of the funding will be split between the WWTP improvements (US$ 3.08 million) and the engineering costs for the SWSTF (US$ 360,000), totalling US$ 3.44 million.

Issuance and closing for the remainder of the funds must be concluded by 30 September 2014, giving the city nearly two years to determine whether to proceed with the SWSTF project. The city is not obligated to spend the funds if the project is not implemented.

The TWDB also recently awarded a study project to Alan Plummer Associates Inc to create a guidance document to be used by utilities, agencies and consultants as a reference for the implementation of DPR projects in Texas.