Kuwait launches its largest desalination management project

Kuwait University’s faculty of engineering has launched the Gulf state’s largest ever water desalination and management project.

The project will be implemented jointly by the Kuwait University and the Kuwait Centre for Natural Resources and the Environment (CNRE) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the USA.

Announcing the project, faculty of engineering’s Professor Bader Shafaqa who heads up the project said the budget for the five-year project is about US$ 5.5 million. It will be financed by the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science, he added.

He went on to say the water desalination project mainly aims to study the dynamic and environmental sustainability of water management in Kuwait through developing new ideas.

A large quantity of effluent water from desalination plants in Kuwait with high salinity and containing chlorine and chromium flows into the Gulf. Shafaqa said the project focuses on some key topics like using electrical techniques in desalination and management of water and power-generation he said.