Jordan’s $2.82 billion development to include desalination

Jordan has unveiled a project to develop a zone north of Aqaba of 109 kilometres squared, to include desalination capacity of 329,000 m3/d.

The entire project, for which tenders worth JOD 2 billion ($2.82 billion) will be issued in 2019, is for a business and leisure hub to complete by 2025, including sewerage and rainwater drainage systems, and renewable energy generation of 200MW. The ambitious plan envisages construction of commercial properties, health and education services, sports facilities, a car racing tack, and film studios, as well as agricultural projects — all supported by desalinated water.

The desalination element of the project will start at 55,000 m3/d rising to 329,000 m3/d on completion of the zone development. All of the contracts will be tendered as public-private partnerships.

Jordan’s first SWRO opens for business (June 2017)