IDA calls for abstracts for New Horizons for Desalination conference

Authors who wish to submit an extended abstract for IDA’s upcoming conference on New Horizons for Desalination have until 20 January 2015 to do so. The conference is centred on social responsibility in water management and the need for innovation to generate new and more environmentally friendly options to support water needs.

Extended abstracts will be reviewed initially for content and relevance to the theme of the conference. Accepted abstracts will be assigned to a related session, and authors will be required to submit a PowerPoint for onsite presentation (subject to approval). Submissions will be accepted on the basis of technical merit.

To be considered for placement in the programme, authors must submit an extended abstract direct to [email protected] using the required template, which is located at

The two-day international conference will take place in Santa Margherita, Portofino, Italy, May 17-19, 2015 and will be held in cooperation with the Rotary Club La Spezia.

The agenda will focus primarily on new horizons for the development of desalination and water treatment technology that will enable the development and implementation of renewable desalination and the pursuit of more sustainable options.

A portion of the conference proceeds will be donated to a water-related humanitarian projects.