GE wins desalination plant deal for Caribbean island

GE is to supply its Procera water filtration equipment package for a seawater desalination plant expansion project in Hato on the Caribbean island of Bonaire, a Netherlands- governed municipality, 80 km north of Venezuela.

The plant provides drinking water for the entire island. GE will provide a complete seawater desalination facility including six multimedia filters, two SeaPRO-84 seawater reverse osmosis (RO) units, two modified PRO-150-NA brackish water RO units and a control system.

The project is an expansion of Water and Energy Company Bonaire’s (WEB’s) current desalination plant, which GE operates for the utility under a build, own, operate contract. The new, permanent facility will supply desalinated water at 1,600 m³/d to meet the growing demand for clean water from the island’s residents and businesses.

“We selected GE because of its expertise and its familiarity with our existing operation. This project moves us closer to eventually having the capability of owning and operating our own desalination facility.”

GE will provide system training to WEB staff.

GE expects to commission the expanded desalination facility in August 2015.