Degrémont website focuses on energy efficiency

Degrémont has developed its website to illustrate the comprehensive range of solutions available from the company to improve energy efficiency in desalination and water / wastewater treatment.

The website module takes the viewer on a visit to treatment plants, where 3D models show the various levers Degrémont can deploy to boost the energy efficiency of its facilities and technologies. Both English and French versions are available.

The site opens with four 3D platforms and offers access to explanatory information via an optimised navigation tool. The user can also download more detailed information, videos and educational presentations. Films of Degrémont’s key sites, such as the Prat de Llobregat seawater desalination plant in Barcelona, Spain, can also be viewed.

A corporate platform presents Degrémont’s energy efficiency programme. It is supplemented by three other platforms showing plants demonstrating drinking water production, desalination by reverse osmosis and wastewater treatment. From design through to operation, these processes use a mix of technical solutions and innovative improvement methods, to reduce the energy consumption of each type of facility and its equipment solutions available to its clients to help them improve the energy efficiency of their treatment plants.