Data-management software introduced by desalination designer

Java-based software focused on data management and exchange for desalination and water treatment projects and plants has been developed by Dr Victor Dvornikov, who is employed by IDE Technologies.

Dvornikov evolved his software while working on the Ashkelon seawater desalination project in Israel and as a senior designer of the Palmachim project.

Pimansoft Global Business Environment for desalination and water treatment projects is a novel information technology targeting key issues experienced by many EPC-oriented engineering companies and raising production rates (by up to a factor of 10).

“I felt the data management problem had grown even bigger because a number of companies were engaged into engineering, procurement and construction phases in parallel,” says Dvornikov. “Then, by hard work, we all learnt the vital importance of collaboration activity tracking, cross-discipline communication and information integration (which was painful and far from seamless).”

The real competitive advantage, says Dvornikov will rest with the companies that:

1. Can better manage project risks and associated costs
2. Are agile enough to satisfy ever-increasing customer expectations and accommodate new compliance mandates
3. Respond fast to opportunities and challenges
4. Operate anytime, anywhere
5. Maintain greater productivity in today’s resource-constrained environment
6. Practice systems thinking focusing on re-use practices and make-or-buy decisions
7. Constantly rehash the intellectual property toolbox to get rid of the skills which may be safely outsourced.

The novelty of Pimansoft is in ultimate business data integration, automation, and close imitation of business activities. The software is internet-centered and spans all project phases and disciplines – process, control and electrical design and engineering, cost evaluation, procurement, construction, management, budgeting and scheduling, operation and preventive maintenance.

Its intelligence is enhanced with an expert system including business protocols and an extensive library of use cases from real mega-projects. It is driven by Java – the most trusted and widely used language for mission-critical, enterprise-class systems – and shares all the advantages of industrial- strength applications – scalability, client authentication and authorization, data backup and protection, and multiple client concurrent operation.