Dakota district plans reuse for fertilizer plant

Stutsman Rural Water District in North Dakota is continuing plans for a US$ 150 million water reuse plant to provide industrial water to a US$ 3 billion nitrogen fertilizer plant planned by farmer-owned cooperative, CHS, at Spiritwood.

Project engineer for construction firm, Bartlett and West, Bob Keller, said plans call for the construction of two buildings with one operated by Stutsman Rural Water District to process greywater from Cargill Malt, Dakota Spirit, AgEnergy and Spiritwood Station before mixing it with water from the Spiritwood and Jamestown aquifers and subsequent filtering of the combined water.

This water would be piped to the second building – a plant operated by CHS to purify the water to meet its needs.

A spokesman for Stutsman Rural Water, said the arrangement would enable it to process and sell water to other industrial users that may not require the same high-quality water demanded by CHS. The spokesman said it was continuing to negotiate contracts with greywater suppliers and CHS for the plant.

The North Dakota legislature has authorized a US$ 10 million grant and US$ 40 million in low-interest loans for the project.

If constructed, the water demand of the CHS plant will be more than 26 Ml/d. CHS’ construction plans are on hold while plans to meet its water requirements are finalized and it completes negotiations with contractors.