Consultant launches water-energy advice service

Sacramento-based GEI Consultants Inc announced on16 July 2012 the launch of a national water-energy advisory service to complement its well-established water resources consulting services.

This new practice will focus on helping clients achieve resource, economic and environmental benefits at the nexus between water and energy. Services will include efficient development, treatment, use and reuse of water and energy resources.

Activities will encompass policies, regulations, programs, practices and technologies that address all three dimensions of the water-energy nexus: reducing water sector impacts on energy, reducing energy sector impacts on water, and optimizing the nation’s water and energy resources and infrastructure on a fully integrated basis.

In addition to increasing water and energy efficiencies, GEI will assist water agencies and energy utilities in partnering on development of renewable and other energy resources. GEI will also help to accelerate adoption of new efficient technologies that benefit both the water and energy sectors.

Further, GEI will bring water agencies and energy utilities together with their policymakers, regulators, customers, and stakeholders to develop collaborative approaches for optimizing water and energy on a combined basis.