Chemical giants strike Shanghai reuse deal

Bayer Material Science and Shanghai Chlor-Alkali Chemical (SCAC) have entered into a preliminary agreement for the reuse of wastewater from Bayer’s polycarbonate production in Shanghai.

The two companies plan jointly to execute a technical installation and trial production programme that will process salt water from Bayer’s polycarbonate production into high- quality brine, which SCAC will use to generate chlorine and sodium hydroxide by electrolysis.

The project will not only offer environmental benefits by efficiently using natural resources and avoiding unnecessary impact, but will also generate commercial advantages for both parties, said general manager of Bayer Shanghai, Roland Stegmueller.

Bayer said it will make a significant investment to develop technology to ensure a constant, specified quality of the brine supplied to SCAC.

SCAC chairman Li Jun, pledged “massive investment” to make necessary modifications to its electrolysis plant to push the project forward.

The two companies have been strengthening their cooperation around the supply of chlorine and sodium hydroxide, as well as the re-utilization of hydrochloric acid, during the past 15 years. They will continue to implement strategic cooperation, they said.